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Hotelub option adds value to your OBT

Hotelub is an option that can be added to all Online Booking Tools (OBT) in order to offer travellers a personalized and collaborative experience for each accommodation booking. For each booking, 3 levels of connexion are offered to the traveller: to his Front desk, to travellers from his own company sharing his stay (or staying nearby) and to travellers of all companies sharing his stay (or staying nearby). Hotelub allows travellers to enjoy a personalized stay (profile and preferences taken into account by hotelier, notifications of events and services available for his stay, live chat) and replace loneliness on site by new networking opportunities with his fellow travelling coworkers (corporate culture) or will all professionals sharing his stay (business opportunities).

Hotelub adds value to companies’ OBT by responding to the new needs of Millenials. It boosts its adoption for a more effective travel policy. The option got the “Future of Business Travel” Award on the IFTM fair (Sept. 28th 2017) and is AFTM / GBTA approved.

Mobility Managers, offer the new Hotelub option to your travellers today,

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OBT Adoption is key to an effective travel policy

About 80 percent of business travellers prefer to self-book travel (Sabre) and 56% of them say they have made an open-booking at least once in their career (EPSA). Open-bookings cost; a minimum of 35€ for accommodation (time spent by traveller formalizing expenses, by manager validating them, by bookkeepers, hotel negotiated prices not being used etc.). Moreover, Open-bookings break travellers’ security chain and prevent companies from centralizing its data. It is vital to find new strategies to limit them as much as possible.

Millennials are the  most frequent business travellers

In 2017, companies most frequent travellers are Millennials and by 2020, they will represent half of your workforce. This generation of business travellers have different behaviors and expectations than their predecessors regarding their trips; they want a seamless, intuitive and instantaneous user experience, close to what they are used to in their personal life. They are looking for personally and culturally enriching experiences while on travel (cf. Bleisure phenomenon) and expect a personalized and collaborative experience in pretty much anything they do.

Attractive travel policies retain talents

More than 80% of business travelers indicate being more inclined to work for another employer, continuing to travel just as much, if his travel policy is more attractive (ARC, AMEX GBT & CLARA). Travel managers need to make sure they have the most attractive travel policy in order to retain their talents as companies can’t afford to lose their deal makers, and deploy resources to recruit and train new ones.



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