It is difficult to draw overall conclusions regarding business traveller satisfaction during work trips, considering the diversity of customer profiles and needs. However, various studies have shown that many business travellers are dissatisfied with the booking process, hotel experience and their productivity during business trips.

Reservation booking tools are often still too slow and restrictive, and thus incompatible with the smooth experience customers are looking for. Moreover, according to the CWT Connected Traveller Study, “80% of business travellers say that they are dependent on their mobile for work”; when they travel, business professionals want to be able to do more on their mobile phone, such as checking in or hiring a car, but they also want a personalised service once they have reserved a hotel room, such as talking to a receptionist on the front desk and being notified of services and events available during their trip. They also want a convivial atmosphere, using applications such as Hotelub, fully interfaced with enterprises’ OBT.

“8 out of 10 travellers find themselves alone in their hotel.”

However, business travellers now expect more from their trips – they want a “bleisure” experience that is enriching both professionally and personally.

The hotel experience must also span multiple digital platforms. A worldwide study by Egencia demonstrated that 66% of those surveyed “wanted to be able to reserve and manage their hotel bookings across all devices”.

By the end of the year, technological innovation will allow you to improve the comfort and productivity of business travellers whilst improving your company’s travel policy. What are the current expectations of business professionals? An outstanding customer experience, before, during and after their travels. This represents a large challenge for travel managers and business travel agencies who will need to ensure that new solutions are made available to business travellers.

“More than 80% of business travellers say that they would be more inclined to change job, whilst going on the same number of work trips, if the travel policy was attractive.”

This challenge has more facets than simply “travel”! An attractive travel policy that prioritises business traveller experience, collaboration, mobilisation and personalisation, allows businesses to keep talented employees and to continue to attract the best road warriors that will keep their business thriving! According to a joint study by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), American Express Global Business Travel and Clara, more than 80% of business travellers would be inclined to change job, whilst going on the same number of work trips, if the travel policy was attractive.


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