Today over 500 million professionals have understood the importance of developing and maintaining their network on LinkedIn. Yet almost eight out of ten business travellers still find themselves alone in their hotel during business trips. That’s why the Hotelub business traveller network – a sort of ‘LinkedIn for travellers’ was created last November.  Hotelub is partner of the French professional association of travel managers (Association Française des Travel Managers – AFTM). With its ‘Enterprise’ version, the new service integrates specific business travel policies, making it possible for companies to connect their travellers for each one of their accomodation bookings. The result for travellers is a new, shared experience, more respect of the company hotel policy and increased safety.

A new shared travel experience

Hotelub is an innovative collaborative option which can be added to all business travel booking systems: HBT, SBT and OTA.  Three levels of connection are possible for travellers when they book their hotel: connection to hotel reception, connection with own travelling colleagues, and connection with business travellers from other companies sharing their stay.

They receive information from the hotel about events and services available for their stay and can contact reception via live chat. They can also share their trip with other colleagues to reduce overall costs to the company. Finally, solitude at the hotel is a thing of the past: business travellers can now develop their network and seize new business opportunities by connecting with professionals travelling at the same time.

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An innovative booking option for more respect of companies hotel policies

The Hotelub app, accessible on desktop & smartphone, is fully interfaced with the booking system used by the company. Reservations made via company Online Booking Tool (OBT) are automatically synchronised to the application for an optimal traveller’s experience. The Hotelub option optimises the company’s booking system by boosting its use by travellers and channelling bookings more efficiently. It is also possible for travellers to use the Hotelub service for a booking made outside the system. In that case, they need to manually import the booking into the application. The procedure is purposefully more fastidious to encourage employees to respect the company’s internal hotel policy. But it also ensures that data about bookings made transgressing internal procedures (open-bookings) is still collected.

Traveller’s confidentiality respected 

As well as the possibility to choose their level of connection for each booking, travellers can also choose the type of notification they prefer to receive: a message, a new booking made in their hotel, a message from reception, etc.  Travellers can also decide to hide their hotel, being shown only as nearby traveller. Like all social networks, it is possible to block and report other travellers.

An innovative option for increased safety

Besides the centralisation of bookings and a better travel experience for travellers, hotel helps small- and medium-sized businesses optimising their Duty of Care policy: they can track employees’ arrivals to their hotel, be informed of check-in while inform them of any risk or recommendation for their trip via Push, SMS or email.

Partnerships with many of the main business travel HBT, OTA & TMC systems

Hotelub has already signed partnerships with the leading HBT systems such as Hcorpo, iAlbatros, and other newcomers such as OuiBusiness. Many of the major OTAs are also working with Hotelub, including Business, Expedia+ business and AccorHotels Business Solution. Hotelub is already distributed by certain TMCs such as Amplitudes Business Travel and others.

€1 excl. VAT per month per registered traveller

The cost of Hotelub to companies is simple: €1 excl. VAT per month per registered traveller. A transparent model allowing companies to only pay, each month, for travellers wishing to use the service. When small to medium sized companies, not working with a TMC,  book via one or a combination of Hotelub booking platforms, the service also receives commissions from their partners.

Hotelub Enterprise includes a ‘Connected Seminars’ module

Hotelub proposes a 100% connected seminar module: companies can create their event in just a few clicks and invite their participants to join the experience for facilitated flow, exchanges and information before and during the event. Participants can connect with each other, with their seminar coordinator and their hotel reception via the application. They have access to their event content, programme, can interact in the chat room during the Q&A session for example, or via instant messaging with participants. The company VINCI Autoroutes has already chosen “Hotelub Seminar” for their connected seminars.

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Quick set up and an easy interface

Companies of all sizes can create their account and offer the Hotelub experience to their employees in just a couple of days thanks to the innovative booking interfacing and proprietary service. For more information go to: or send a demo request to:

You will also find more information on Hotelub Enterprise brochure and its connected seminar module.

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