Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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HOTELUB: Option for Online Booking Tools (OBT)

  click here to view / download Hotelub infographics (PDF) Hotelub option adds value to your OBT Hotelub is an option that can be added to all Online Booking Tools (OBT) in order to offer travellers a personalized and collaborative experience for each accommodation booking. For each booking,...

Travel Manager : 5 reasons to offer innovations to your travellers!

iftm hotelub
At the EPSA conference organised by EPSA at the IFTM 2017 entitled "Purchasing, threat or opportunity in the world of business travel?", Damien Morthomas was able to speak with Christophe Luard, responsible for indirect purchases at Louis Vuitton, Sebastien Guyot of Air France, Valerie...

Autumn 2017: Meeting the needs of business travellers

business travellers
It is difficult to draw overall conclusions regarding business traveller satisfaction during work trips, considering the diversity of customer profiles and needs. However, various studies have shown that many business travellers are dissatisfied with the booking process, hotel experience and their productivity during business...

Hotels: the new expectations of business guests

hotels business guests
At the crossroads between human contact and the digital revolution, the hospitality industry is undergoing extensive change, finding itself at a decisive turning point that needs to be carefully negotiated by hoteliers. Hotel-owners must improve their business guests experience and create brand loyalty if...

Hotelub Enterprise connects travellers of SMEs and Large Companies upon hotel booking for a new collaborative experience

Today over 500 million professionals have understood the importance of developing and maintaining their network on LinkedIn. Yet almost eight out of ten business travellers still find themselves alone in their hotel during business trips. That’s why the Hotelub business traveller network - a...

Golden Tulip Marseille Airport connects its business guests with HOTELUB!

Golden Tulip Marseille Airport
Business guests meet & network at Golden Tulip Marseille Airport with Hotelub app. Your Golden Tulip Marseille Airport outdoor heated swimming pool and fitness room are perfect to relax with fellow professionals on the move. Now you can share delicious continental meals to network at the...

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