Connecting business guests!

My new collaborative and personalised experience at the hotel. For each booking, I connect with my hotel front desk and with the professionals who share my stay!


What events and services are available for my business stay? Which other professionals are staying in my hotel or nearby? Hotelub connects me!

I stay informed of the
best networking events
planned for my stay


In 1 click, I connect with the front desk & the professionals who share my hotel for a new experience!

With HOTELUB, I connect with the professionals who share your hotels

I add my reservation or geolocate myself!

I connect with my hotel's business guests and the front desk

I catch new opportunities of real-networking


I manage my settings and level of confidentiality in all simplicity.

With Hotelub, I control my confidentiality

I can hide any
of my hotels

I can activate / deactivate
my notifications

I can block and/or
report any member


Hotelub works in all my hotels, independant or chain, and everywhere in the world. I use it on all my domestic & international business trips.


"We really get caught up in the game! I am pleased to be able to meet other professionals at the hotel!"

Lucile, business traveller, Sales Manager, BLEU VERT

"What a great app! A cool way to develop our professional network while on travel!"

Telio, business traveller, Unit Manager, ASENIUM

"I finally stay connected to my business clientele, before, during and after its stay!"

Emilie, Owner, IBIS & NOVOTEL hotels

"A great innovation as well as a high added value service for our business clients"

Benjamin, Director, AMPLITUDES business travel agency

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